It all started as a project to save humanity’s identity, project NOAH, to store and protect people’s life experiences for future generations or any unforeseen catastrophes. But the corporation responsible for it went too far, over time it started extracting memories as a way of controlling people. Without memories, people lack identity, diversity, ability to form relationships. As the player, we are here to get the memories back. Unfortunately, the main repository has tight security, we have to hack it and release the lockout on the repository to release all the memory data. Initially, we hoped to create some story hints, maybe some cinematics but very soon realised there was simply no time to achieve that so we focused on delivering a playable demo with just little hints in the form of decals here and there, names of the locations and devices.

Technical Lead
Gameplay Logic
Art Direction
Sound Design
Client: Corporation Pop Lab Project
Genre: First Person Puzzle Adventure
Language: C#
Engine: Unity